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Are Organizations Providing Enough Mentoring for Case Managers?

Posted on 18-May-11 14:57. Comments (0)
Employers and associations frequently talk about continuing education for case managers as a way to maintain and improve skills. But, are they doing enough to foster professional development? Sure there are many conferences, seminars, webinars, online educational resources, etc. But, where’s the mentoring between experienced case managers and those newer to the profession? Look inside your own organization, do you feel that enough is being done to help case managers to gain the knowledge, insights and skills they need to provide true, “Best in Class” case management? I think if everyone were to be real honest, the answer would be something like, “We should be doing more.”

How Important are Licensing and Certifications for Case Managers?

Posted on 21-Feb-11 10:47. Comments (4)
There is a hotly contested debate ongoing regarding the importance of certain qualifications for case managers. While most believe that case managers, at minimum, must have licenses in a specific health (e.g., nurse) or human services (e.g., social worker) disciplines, there is less consensus as to how important licensing and additional case manager certifications are such as provided by the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCM) and various other certification bodies ranging from the American Case Management Association (ACMA) focusing on those in health system case management and National Board for Certification in Continuity Care (Advanced Continuity of Care Certification, A-CCC), or the American Institute of Outcomes Case Management (AIOCM) to the American Board of Managed Care Medicine (Certified Managed Care Nurse – CMCN), National Academy of Certified Care Managers (Care Manager Certified – CMC), and American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Advanced Practice Certification in Case Management (RNCM).

Why Did You Become a Nurse or Case Manager?

Posted on 04-Nov-10 17:32. Comments (0)
I think most nurses and case managers are called to the profession because of a certain compassion and desire to help vulnerable patients.

What’s the Biggest Challenge Facing Nurses Today?

Posted on 29-Sep-10 20:16. Comments (0)
Depending upon who you ask, the answer may be different. From my perspective, the biggest hurdle nurses have to overcome today is gaining the right education for the new roles they must fill. Today’s health care system isn’t what it used to be. Under the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, there are even more changes on the horizon.
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